JBM Auto’s Readiness to Embrace the PM-eBus Sewa Initiative with Rs 57,613 Crore Allocation


In a significant stride towards sustainable urban mobility, JBM Auto is poised to actively participate in the pioneering PM-eBus Sewa scheme, a monumental endeavor set to revolutionize public transportation. With an allocated budget of Rs 57,613 crore, this visionary scheme aims to introduce 10,000 electric buses across 169 cities, leveraging the power of the public-private partnership model.

Positioning for Impact: JBM Auto’s Impending Role

Earning accolades as a trailblazer in the electric mobility sector, JBM Auto has already secured orders for an impressive fleet of 5,000 electric buses from diverse corners of the nation. The company’s readiness to contribute to the PM-eBus Sewa scheme is underscored by its commitment to meticulously scrutinize the policy nuances before charting its strategic course of action.

Seizing the Opportunity: JBM Auto’s Vision for Sustainable Public Transportation

Nishant Arya, the astute Vice Chairman and Managing Director of the JBM Group, expressed the company’s readiness to actively participate in this transformative initiative. Arya emphasized, “Our robust product range, state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities, and cutting-edge technology form a solid foundation for successful execution. However, we eagerly await enhanced clarity on the policy landscape, which is expected to unfold in the forthcoming weeks.”

Dominance in Electric Bus Manufacturing

Undeniably, JBM Auto holds the distinction of being the leading electric bus manufacturer in the nation. Bolstered by a robust manufacturing capacity of 20,000 electric buses annually, the company has garnered an impressive market share of over 30 percent. The company’s accomplishments extend further, boasting an extensive order book that comprises more than 5,000 electric buses, each contributing to greener transportation solutions across India.

PM-eBus Sewa Scheme: A Game-Changer in Urban Mobility

The Union Cabinet’s recent endorsement of the PM-eBus Sewa scheme marks a pivotal milestone. This visionary scheme, operating on the public-private partnership model, envisions the integration of 10,000 electric buses into the public transportation networks of 169 cities. With an estimated budget of Rs 57,613 crore, the scheme’s financial framework entails a central government allocation of Rs 20,000 crore, with the remaining funds to be shared by states.

Navigating the Path Ahead: Formulation and Execution

The road to realization for the PM-eBus Sewa scheme involves multi-dimensional tasks. The formulation of an encompassing policy framework by the government paves the way for subsequent tender releases, culminating in the selection of successful bidders. As the scheme evolves, JBM Auto stands poised to contribute its expertise and innovation to this pioneering endeavor.

Global Aspirations: JBM Auto’s Vision Beyond Boundaries

The momentum propelling JBM Auto’s aspirations extends far beyond the domestic arena. Nishant Arya affirmed the company’s international outreach: “Our endeavors have garnered attention from diverse regions, spanning North America, South America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, ASEAN, SAARC nations, and the Asia Pacific. We’ve received inquiries from around the globe, indicating a widespread interest in our electric mobility solutions.”

Unveiling Opportunities: JBM Auto’s Future Trajectory

The company’s growth trajectory includes seizing opportunities on a global scale. As Arya illuminated, the company is currently in the process of executing plans that will materialize in the coming months. Additionally, the company’s collaboration with various state transport undertakings reinforces its commitment to ushering in a sustainable future.

Catalyzing Progress: JBM Auto’s Collaborative Efforts

Evidencing the alignment between JBM Auto and the government’s vision, the company has recently invested Rs 500 crore in the electric mobility sector. This financial commitment resonates with the company’s collaborations with state transport undertakings, strategically contributing to the deployment of electric buses. Arya acknowledged the government’s diligent efforts in policy formation, foreseeing a promising trajectory for urban mobility.

Towards a Visionary Tomorrow: JBM Auto’s Long-Term Perspective

Envisioning a future where sustainable mobility is a cornerstone of urban planning, Arya underscored the importance of long-term city roadmaps. He affirmed, “As the wheels of progress turn, the trajectory of each city’s sustainable evolution should manifest within the next two to three years. With our concerted efforts and collective commitment, we are undoubtedly on the right path towards a transformative future.”

In conclusion, JBM Auto’s proactive stance in embracing the PM-eBus Sewa scheme underscores its dedication to pioneering sustainable mobility solutions. With a steadfast commitment to innovation, technology, and collaboration, the company stands ready to shape a greener, more connected future for public transportation.

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