Strengthening Ties: PM Modi and Vladimir Putin Delve into Ukraine Conflict and BRICS Agenda


In a recent telephonic conversation, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Russian President Vladimir Putin engaged in a comprehensive discussion, addressing crucial issues such as the ongoing Ukraine conflict and Moscow’s upcoming BRICS presidency. This high-profile exchange, taking place on January 15, marks a significant step in the continuing diplomatic dialogue between India and Russia.

Exploring Bilateral Cooperation: A Roadmap for Future Initiatives

The leaders, Modi and Putin, not only exchanged pleasantries regarding their respective upcoming elections but also delved into the progress made in their countries’ Special & Privileged Strategic Partnership. Modi, sharing insights on social media, highlighted the positive developments and the commitment to forging a roadmap for future initiatives.

Regional and Global Perspectives: A Strategic Exchange

The Indian Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) emphasized that both leaders engaged in a fruitful discussion on various regional and global issues, shedding light on Russia’s imminent Presidency of the BRICS. This strategic partnership extends beyond bilateral concerns to encompass a shared interest in global affairs.

Mutual Success and Collaboration: Furthering Bilateral Ties

Expressing mutual interest in fortifying their strategic partnership, Modi and Putin touched upon the situation in Ukraine. The Kremlin’s statement, posted on their official website, highlighted the leaders’ shared commitment to intensifying mutually beneficial bilateral ties. The discussions also extended to the forthcoming parliamentary elections in India and the presidential poll in Russia, with both leaders extending their best wishes for success.

Sustaining Friendship Amid Global Dynamics

India’s enduring friendship with Russia, despite its close ties with Western nations, underscores the complexity of global politics. Even as India aligns with the US on certain issues, it maintains its historically strong ties with Russia. This diplomatic balancing act is evident in India’s consistent support for Russia, notwithstanding occasional criticisms of Moscow’s military campaigns.

Crude Dynamics: Russia as India’s Leading Oil Supplier

Noteworthy is Russia’s pivotal role as India’s largest source of crude oil imports, a relationship that has strengthened since the Russia-Ukraine war. In December 2023, India imported 1.52 million barrels per day (bpd) of Russian crude oil, marking a 3 percent increase from the previous month. This surge establishes Russia as a vital crude oil supplier for India, surpassing traditional suppliers such as Iraq and Saudi Arabia.

Shifting Crude Alliances: Russia’s Dominance in Indian Imports

Data from energy cargo tracker Vortexa reveals that Russia’s crude oil now constitutes the largest share of India’s total imports, highlighting a significant shift in the country’s crude oil alliances. In December, while Iraq and Saudi Arabia provided 1 million bpd and 65,000 bpd of crude oil to India, Russia emerged as the primary contributor.

In conclusion, the telephonic exchange between Modi and Putin not only solidified diplomatic ties but also emphasized the evolving dynamics in India’s crude oil imports. This strategic partnership navigates the complexities of global politics while fostering mutually beneficial collaborations across various fronts.

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