NSE Reduces Lot Size for Nifty 50 Contracts


The National Stock Exchange (NSE) has made significant adjustments to the lot size for trading derivatives contracts linked to the Nifty 50 index, aiming to enhance accessibility and participation in the market. Here’s a breakdown of the revisions and their implications:

Reduction in Lot Sizes

Nifty 50 Index

The lot size for Nifty 50 contracts has been halved from 50 to 25, offering traders increased flexibility and lower entry barriers.

Nifty Financial Services (FINNIFTY)

The lot size for FINNIFTY contracts has also been reduced from 40 to 25, aligning with the broader adjustments in the market.

Nifty Midcap Select (MIDCPNIFTY)

Similarly, the lot size for MIDCPNIFTY contracts has seen a decrease from 75 to 50, reflecting the NSE’s efforts to optimize trading conditions.

Nifty Bank (BANKNIFTY)

Contrary to the other indexes, the lot size for BANKNIFTY contracts remains unchanged at 15, providing stability for traders engaged in banking sector derivatives.

Implementation Details

The revised lot sizes will apply to all new contracts generated after the market closes on April 25, 2024. These contracts will be available for trading from April 26, 2024, onwards, marking a significant transition in the trading landscape.

Weekly Expiry Contracts

The first weekly expiry contract featuring the revised lot size is scheduled to expire on May 2, 2024, signaling the commencement of a new phase in derivative trading.

Monthly Expiry Contracts
Nifty Financial Services

For existing monthly expiries of FINNIFTY contracts, including those expiring on April 30, 2024, May 28, 2024, and June 25, 2024, there will be no changes in the market lot. However, starting from July 2024 expiry, revised market lots will be implemented.

Nifty Midcap Select

Similarly, existing monthly expiries of MIDCPNIFTY contracts, up to June 24, 2024, will maintain their current market lot sizes. The revised market lots will take effect from the July 2024 expiry onwards.

For both FINNIFTY and MIDCPNIFTY, there will be no adjustments in the market lot of weekly contracts with expiry dates up to July 23, 2024, ensuring continuity and stability in trading operations.

The NSE’s decision to revise lot sizes for derivative contracts associated with key indexes reflects its commitment to fostering a dynamic and inclusive trading environment. By reducing lot sizes, the exchange aims to enhance liquidity, promote market efficiency, and empower traders with greater opportunities for participation and profit. These adjustments underscore the NSE’s responsiveness to market dynamics and its dedication to facilitating seamless trading experiences for investors and institutions alike.

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