Unveiling the Growth: Tecno, Infinix, and Apple Dominate Southeast Asia’s Smartphone Market


In the dynamic landscape of Southeast Asia’s smartphone market, a noteworthy trend emerges as shipments experienced a 2% year-on-year decline. However, a promising 3% quarter-on-quarter increase in Q3 signals a resurgence in smartphone demand.

The Rise of Tecno, Infinix, and Apple

In the midst of this shift, Counterpoint Research reveals that Tecno, Infinix, and Apple stand out as the fastest-growing smartphone brands during this period. This not only underscores their market agility but also reflects evolving consumer preferences.

Market Leadership Dynamics

Samsung maintains its dominance, commanding a 21% market share, closely trailed by Xiaomi at 17% and OPPO at 15%. Notably, 5G smartphones secured a significant 36% of overall shipments, indicating a growing appetite for advanced connectivity.

Apple Defies the Odds

Contrary to the overall market trend, Apple experienced a remarkable 19% year-on-year increase in shipments during the quarter. The enduring popularity of the iPhone 13 and 14 series, coupled with the demand for the newly launched 15 series, propels Apple forward in the competitive landscape.

The Tech Ecosystem’s Affinity with Southeast Asia

Underpinning the significance of Southeast Asia in the tech ecosystem, the report highlights the region’s under-penetration in crucial areas such as online banking, e-wallet usage, online shopping, and overall internet usage. This underscores Southeast Asia’s continued importance as a pivotal market for tech innovations.

Varied Growth Trajectories Across the Region

While Indonesia and Thailand witnessed stagnant growth in smartphone shipments, other key Southeast Asian countries, including the Philippines, Malaysia, and Vietnam, faced a year-on-year decline. Xiaomi, however, bucked the trend with a commendable 7% growth, propelled by the success of its Redmi 12 series.

Transsion’s Remarkable Surge

In a quarter marked by fluctuations, Transsion emerges as a standout performer with significant growth. Notably, Infinix experienced a robust 42% year-on-year growth, Tecno an impressive 148%, and itel contributed to the momentum with a commendable 17% growth.

The Strength in Specifications and Diversity

Infinix and Tecno distinguish themselves by offering robust base specifications complemented by a diverse model portfolio. This strategic approach contributes to their accelerated growth and positions them as formidable players in the Southeast Asian smartphone market.

Analyzing Marketing Strategies

Senior analyst Glen Cardoza sheds light on the marketing dynamics, emphasizing that Samsung and Xiaomi have excelled in promoting their models across key Southeast Asian countries. Their success is attributed to sustained new launches spanning various price ranges, setting them apart from competitors like OPPO and Vivo, which offer limited options.

In conclusion, the smartphone market in Southeast Asia exhibits resilience and adaptability, with Tecno, Infinix, and Apple emerging as frontrunners in this dynamic landscape. As the region continues to evolve as a vital hub for technological advancements, the competition among smartphone brands intensifies, urging them to innovate and cater to the diverse needs of Southeast Asian consumers.

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