PM Modi Unveils UPI RuPay Card Service During Meeting with UAE President


Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in a historic move, met with UAE President Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan in Abu Dhabi, marking a significant milestone in bilateral relations. During this momentous occasion, the PM took the opportunity to launch the UPI RuPay card service, a groundbreaking initiative aimed at fostering seamless cross-border transactions between India and the UAE.

Strengthening Bilateral Ties

The meeting between PM Modi and President Nahyan is anticipated to yield fruitful outcomes, with both sides poised to sign multiple agreements aimed at bolstering cooperation across various sectors of mutual interest.

Introduction to UPI RuPay Card Service

In a momentous event held on February 13, Prime Minister Modi, alongside UAE President Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, introduced the UPI RuPay card service in Abu Dhabi. This innovative service is set to revolutionize cross-border transactions, providing a streamlined and efficient payment solution for individuals and businesses operating between the two nations.

Continuation of Diplomatic Engagements

PM Modi’s visit to the UAE signifies the continuation of strong diplomatic engagements between India and the UAE. Notably, this marks the Prime Minister’s seventh visit to the UAE since 2015, underscoring the significance of the bilateral relationship.

Inauguration of BAPS Mandir

During his visit, Prime Minister Modi will also inaugurate the BAPS Mandir, the first Hindu stone temple in Abu Dhabi, on February 14. This monumental occasion not only symbolizes the cultural ties between India and the UAE but also serves as a testament to the values of harmony, peace, and tolerance that both nations uphold.

Emphasis on Strategic Partnerships

The discussions between Prime Minister Modi and President Nahyan are expected to focus on enhancing cooperation in key areas such as energy, ports, fintech, digital infrastructure, railways, and investment flows. Both leaders are committed to strengthening strategic partnerships to foster economic growth and prosperity for their respective nations.

Addressing the Indian Community

During his visit, PM Modi will also address members of the Indian community from all Emirates of the UAE at a special event in Abu Dhabi. This serves as an opportunity for the Prime Minister to engage with the Indian diaspora and reaffirm the government’s commitment to their welfare and well-being.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to the UAE underscores the deep-rooted ties between India and the UAE and highlights the commitment of both nations to furthering cooperation across various domains. With the introduction of the UPI RuPay card service and the inauguration of the BAPS Mandir, this visit marks a significant milestone in the bilateral relationship, paving the way for enhanced collaboration and mutual prosperity.

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