Binance’s $4.3 Billion Plea Agreement Gets Court Approval; US Seeks Bond Adjustment for Zhao


In a recent development, a US judge has authorized Binance, the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange, to settle a staggering sum of over $4.3 billion in penalties for violating federal anti-money laundering and sanctions regulations. These penalties are a result of shortcomings in the exchange’s internal monitoring systems.

Investigation Reveals Negligence

US District Judge Richard Jones in Seattle has passed a judgment requiring Binance to pay a criminal fine of $1.81 billion, alongside forfeiting $2.51 billion. This decision comes shortly after federal prosecutors requested changes to the bond conditions of Binance founder, Zhao Changpeng, leading to a legal dispute initiated by Zhao’s legal team.

This legal action marks the end of a thorough investigation into Binance’s operations, uncovering the platform’s failure to report over 100,000 suspicious transactions. Prosecutors discovered that these transactions were associated with entities flagged as terrorist organizations, including Hamas, al Qaeda, and ISIS. Moreover, Binance was implicated in facilitating the sale of child sexual abuse materials and identified as a significant beneficiary of funds from ransomware attacks.

Binance’s Response and Commitment to Compliance

In response to the court’s ruling, Binance has acknowledged its responsibility and highlighted significant improvements in its anti-money laundering protocols and customer verification procedures. The company has also affirmed its dedication to complying with the terms of its plea agreement, signaling a proactive approach to achieving regulatory compliance.

Zhao, who previously admitted to money laundering charges, has been residing in the United States under a $175 million bond. His plea agreement, which includes a $50 million fine, mandates his resignation from the CEO position at Binance.

Proposed Adjustments and Legal Proceedings

The proposed changes to Zhao’s bond, as requested by the prosecutors, aim to align with Judge Jones’s directive that Zhao remains within the continental US under the supervision of court officers until his sentencing scheduled for April 30. The revised bond conditions would compel Zhao to provide a three-day notice for any travel plans, surrender his passports, and maintain his current residence unless authorized otherwise. Additionally, recommendations from pretrial service officers suggest subjecting Zhao to location monitoring.

Despite ongoing discussions between the prosecutors and Zhao’s legal team regarding the proposed bond modifications, Zhao’s attorneys have expressed opposition to the current draft of the motion. Further comments from Zhao’s legal representatives were unavailable at the time of reporting.


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